White Slate


Location : Thoothukudi , Tamil Nadu

Team : Pradeep Arumugam , Shanil Riyaz, Balashanmugam, Sabir, Harish, Aishwarya  

Site Area : 10568 sq. Ft.

Built Area : 7984 sq. Ft.

Project Status :  Completed March 2017

Type :  Residential

The house is perceived as a floating white cube divided into three zones: Public, Transitional & Private. The public zone of the house carves out a patio to open outwards into the garden and providing an interactive frontage buffering away from the private activities behind. The private zone in the rear side open into a courtyard scooped out in the transitional zones bringing in the external landscape inside.



Recessed balconies, open to sky ceilings and jaalis provide the visual access to the outside while preserving the privacy internally.