KCT Drying Yard


Location : Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu

Team : Pradeep Arumugam , Shanil Riyaz, Balashanmugam, Sabir, Harish, Aishwarya  

Site Area : 4300 sq. Ft.

Project Status :  Competition 2015

Type :  Public

Kumaraguru College of Technology , one of the esteemed institutions of Coimbatore had a requirement to accommodate a drying/washing yard for their Girls’ hostel block.

Trees on the site generate the spaces for different activities around them. The ambience of the wash area is addressed by deliberately   employing variety of materials and pockets of spaces that act as gathering  and interacting spaces simultaneously as the washing activity takes place. The washing and sitting areas are oriented to maintain the balance and exclusivity of both the activities. The linear site is interrupted by asymmetrical pathway . Washing cubicles face the landscape opening them to larger interaction.