Location : Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu

Team : Pradeep Arumugam , Shanil Riyaz, Imad

Built Area : 2,90,200 sq. Ft.

Site Area : 2,19,130 sq. Ft.

Project Status : Proposal - Unbuilt

Type :  Commercial- Multi purpose Mall


Hypercity is the next BIG Idea for a multipurpose public plaza for the city of Coimbatore. 

The philosophy used  around its design: 

“ Often we are positioned over a controlled environment, perplexed and biased to make choices – Choices of our inner desire. Decisions often becomes a product of the environment. Environment we happened to be, becomes a material of choice. We manoeuvre through a constant battle between the freedom of mind and the environment material. Freedom of mind it is, which brings the act of human desire. An unfettered and untroubled environment it is, which brings the status of mind to belong. A place where we belong becomes the place of our constant choice. A place for the unhindered mind. "