Location : Vellakoil, Tamil Nadu

Team : Pradeep Arumugam , Shanil Riyaz, Imaddudin, Pravin, Samaya

Site Area : 35850 sq. Ft.

Built Area : 10640 sq. Ft.

Project Status : On-going

Type : Residential

A vast site at the edge of an ancestral farm and a palatial house was the client's demand . With lush green landscape as the backdrop and positioned at the heart of the site, the house is designed as a jewel crowning this heritage. 

Three fundamental themes drive the designing and planning 

 1. The I- Shaped plan that opens and connects each space to the landscape at every edge. Decks, water pool and green cover formulate the fringe between inside and outside.

 2. The built is a combination of full scale openings and solids that frame views assimilating the idea of connection to outside even visually. 

 3. The roof that dictates the aesthetics is a detached form expanding over the built as a sculpted wooden crown. 

Use of natural materials such as stone, wood mixed with glass and metal compose hybrid interiors and exteriors.


CROWN interior