Centenary square


Location : Birmingham, England

Team :Pradeep Arumugam , Shanil Riyaz, Harish

Site Area : 5 Acres.

Project Status :  Competition

Type :  Landscape- Public Space

The aim of this exciting and ambitious International Design Competition is to find design teams to develop contemporary conceptual proposals for Centenary Square, an existing prominent square in the centre of Birmingham. These ideas will in turn spark the imagination, encourage discourse and offer creative solutions to develop this space. The physical ideas should be ones that will promote a positive cultural transformation of the square, making it a world class space and popular destination.

A new ‘open-air living room’ needs to be created which is accessible to all of the people of Birmingham and visitors; a friendly, multi layered, durable, safe, flexible square promoting a harmonious place for pedestrians overall and cyclists.

CS (4).jpg

A network that would connect pedestrians, cyclist wherein the plaza itself acts like a huge carpet that hold all the function together. A tree domed sculpture highlights the plaza.