Location: Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

Team: Pradeep Arumugam, Shanil Riyaz, Bala, Aishwarya, Santosh Kumar, Vimal John

Site Area:  3 Acres.

Built Area:  19,000 sq. ft.

Project Status:  On-going

Type:  Residential

An elegant light-filled family home rectilinear from a distance, this private residence is designed inspired from a distinguished curved motif that is re-discovered at various layers throughout the design.

The house is approached through a grand driveway and front garden presenting a classic layout in which both public and private functions of the household are gyrating around the N-E band of open courtyards and waterscapes. The interior is characterised by the unfolding of a continuously flowing spatial space. The home frames multiple views to its landscape creating serene moment at each look out. A wide array of design strategies works in conjunction with the design ideologies for creating familiar yet new experiences.