A House of Small Talks

Location : Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Team :  Pradeep Arumugam,  Shanil Riyaz, Smriti Devkumar, Raghu Ramalingam, Pravin M

Site Area : 6041.75 sq. Ft.

Built Area : 3844 sq.Ft.

Project Status :  Completed -Sept 2017

The house is set back from the street providing breathing landscape in a congested street making the design perceivable at a glance. Each function of the house were identified as individual volumes and then introduced to a game of twisting, stacking and interlocking creating curious spaces and angles merging to a point where the inside meets the outside. The spaces formed due to uneven angles lets the inhabitants discover the use of same space differently every time making strong complex equations between all the components encapsulating the art of living.

A House of Small Talks  Diagram

An amalgamation of forms, volumes, light, landscape and in-surging territories creates an ambience to discover and experience as we go past time from one day to the next.