Location : Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu

Team : Pradeep Arumugam , Shanil Riyaz, Balashanmugam, Monisha Radhakrishnan

Site Area : 6288 sq. Ft.

Built Area :12780 sq. Ft.

Project Status :  Completed -Sept 2017

The office is designed for a construction company located in Thoothukudi on a narrow plot of  48 ft X 131 ft. It is to be used as an administrative office on the the first floor and rent out spaces. 

Hence the main premise employs a minimal structural footprint to maximize usable space, adding an iconic twisted facade wall feature reminiscent of a semi-open page of a book, demanding the onlookers’ attention while giving its users a much-needed break-out space.

15° GIF

The office  exhibits a structurally challenging design which sets a benchmark for the company.